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06/12/2016 - 07:00hs

A taste of Brazil in a Dubai café

In business for less than a month, the Brazilian Roast Café is located in an office building in the emirate. Options include cheese rolls and coxinha and are enjoyed by Brazilians and Arabs alike.

Press Release

On the menu, coxinha, empadão and other typical Brazilian food items

São Paulo – A newly-opened café in Dubai is giving a taste of Brazilian food to Arabs and Brazilians living in the United Arab Emirates. The Brazilian Roast Café is set in an office building and caters to executives and international travellers.

The place opened three weeks ago. It is run by Rubiana Souza Fraga of Goiás, Brazil and her husband. The menu, which is still being worked on, is designed primarily to please the Brazilian-born patrons.

“We have Brazilian cheese rolls, coxinha, beef jerky-and-manioc croquette, chicken pie (empadão), chicken lasagna, manioc and ground beef cottage pie (escondidinho), açaí, brigadeiro (a truffle-like sweet), carrot cake with chocolate frosting, brigadeiro cake and coconut-and-chocolate cake (prestígio),” Fraga says.

She explains that the café’s building is next door to a hotel, and most managers from local offices are Arabs who stop by for a quick snack. “Many of them are buying Brazilian food and enjoying them thoroughly. They like the coxinha, the chicken lasagna and the empadão. They love empadão. They enjoy our food,” says the business owner.

Most of the patrons, however, aren’t Arab. According to Fraga, 70% of the café goers are Brazilians who work near the café’s building. This is the crowd that she and her husband intent to focus on, especially in the weekends. “On Saturdays, we want to focus on the Brazilians because the offices are closed. We want to offer something different each Saturday,” she explains.

Besides typical items, the Brazilian Roast Cafe serves sandwiches and croissants. Beverage options include guaraná, orange juice, green apple juice and several hot drinks.

According to Fraga, promotion is done online and through word-of-mouth. The café can accommodate as many as 40 clients at once. “For starters, it’s better than we expected. The Brazilians really do welcome and help out one another,” she says about her Brazilian patrons.

Future plans include a delivery service and opening a new Brazilian Roast Café unit next year, Fraga reveals.

Quick facts
Brazilian Roast Café
The Oberoi Centre, Business Tower
Al A'amal Street, Business Bay – Dubai
Phone: +971 55 330 8156
Facebook page: http://migre.me/vETR1

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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