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21/11/2014 - 10:53hs

Dubai’s own ‘Beverly Hills’

A real estate developer’s project features 1,000 square metre-plus units and properties designed by famous brands. Brazilians have bought units and the site was visited by executives from Brazil’s Paraná state.

Dubai – A delegation of executives from the Civil Construction Industry Union of the State of Paraná (Sinduscon-PR) and the Federation of Industries of the State of Paraná (Fiep) has visited the construction site of a new real estate development in Dubai this Thursday (20th). Undertaken by the real estate developer Damac, the Akoya project will feature residential units and leisure centres in an area spanning 42,000 square metres.

Marcos Carrieri/ANBA

McLoughlin (L), Finatti & Alaby: information on the project

The new development will feature properties designed alongside major luxury brands, golf courses, hotels and resorts. The project is also denominated “the Beverly Hills of Dubai,” a reference to the Los Angeles neighbourhood populated by millionaires and famous Hollywood actors. The undertaking is a partnership with the American entrepreneur and investor Donald Trump. Trump is also a poster boy for the new project, whose golf course will bear his name. There will be properties available in various sizes and price points, from 54 to 1,400 square metres and from the equivalent of US$ 220,000, for the smallest apartments, to over US$ 5 million for the mansions.

The group of businessmen was welcomed by Damac’s senior vice president of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, Niall McLoughlin, who said the first units will be delivered in late 2015. Akoya project clients include buyers from over 120 countries, including Brazil. “Some of them are Brazilians who already live here; others live in Brazil,” he said. According to McLoughlin, last year, Damac advertised Akoya in 77 cities in several countries, including Brazil. The CEO of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, Michel Alaby, also visited the Akoya site.


During their visit to Dubai, the executives affiliated with Sinduscon-PR went to different construction sites in the emirate and attended the Big 5, the leading civil construction fair in the Middle East. In addition to Damac’s new development, they saw houses and a hotel under construction and went to the Palm Islands, the set of artificial islands on Dubai’s shore. There, they were welcomed by the islands’ developers and paid a visit to one of them, which is also one of Dubai’s postcards. Their goal was to witness the construction methods and processes employed in the United Arab Emirates and to compare them with those used in Brazil.

The Sinduscon-PR’s Technical vice president, Euclésio Finatti, noted that construction sites in Brazil are more productive. “There are some aspects we do better in, like organizing the worksite and productivity. In turn, the process they employ introduces new techniques, something we would like to do. In some cases, there is an industrial process in place, and it begins even before you get to the actual site,” he said. This process allows for part of a building’s structures to arrive at the site in their final form, reducing building times.

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum


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