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07/09/2014 - 07:00hs

Lecture to tackle contemporary Arab world

Historian Arlene Clemesha will expound on the Middle East’s history from the Ottoman rule until our days, on September 16th at the Arab Chamber. Registrations are open but slots are limited.

São Paulo – The historian Arlene Elizabeth Clemesha is delivering a lecture on the history of the Middle East, from World War 1 until our days, on September 16th, 7 pm, at the offices of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce. She will outline the region’s 20th century history in a bid to shed light on the 21st century.

Press Release

Clemesha is an authority in Arab History

Clemesha has lectured about the Arab world last year at the Arab Chamber, about the region’s formation and the contribution of different religions, cultures and ethnic groups to the process. In the event due this month, she will address the Ottoman rule, the presence of the French and British empires in the Arab world, the Palestinian issue, the rise and fall of Arab nationalism, the power of Islam and where the popular uprisings are headed.

“I am discussing more contemporary problems, the new challenges posed by radical groups,” says Clemesha, adding that she will assess the region’s post-Arab Spring scenario. In the end, she will expound briefly on the future of the Middle East, including the possibility of further fragmentation and other scenarios.

In her last lecture at the Arab Chamber, the historian spoke to a packed audience. According to Clemesha, she was able to tell that many of the attendees were Arab descendants who wanted to learn about her origins, as well as journalists, international relations professionals, and people interested in the subject. The lecture is open to the public, but slots are limited.

Clemesha holds a degree in History from the University of São Paulo (USP), a master’s and a PhD in History of Economics, also from USP, and is a professor at the university’s Eastern Languages Department, as well as the director of the Centre for Arab Studies. She is also a member of the board of coordinators at the United Nations International Coordinating Network on Palestine (ICNP) and a member of the glocal meta-curating department of the USP’s Institute for Advanced Studies.

The event is the part of the Arab Chamber Lecture Cycle, which features specialists in economics, history, culture, law, careers and other subjects, discussing current issues and matters of interest to businessmen and the Arab community.

Lecture by Arlene Clemesha
Middle East: from World War 1 to our days
Date: September 16th, 7 pm
Place: Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, 11th floor
Address: Avenida Paulista, 326 - São Paulo – SP
Registration is free and slots are limited
Information: (+55 11) 3147 4066 or tmachado@ccab.org.br

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum


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